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With due respect to my colleagues, I think it's due to a poor implemetation of the module dell-laptop. Please do:
lsmod | grep dell
If dell-laptop is loaded, remove it:
sudo rmmod -f dell-laptop
sudo rfkill unblock all
Is your wireless working now? If so, we'll need to blacklist dell-laptop.
Dell Inspiron 1545 n series, Broadcom chipset, I have had Ubuntu since 7, internal upgrade for each new distro upgrade.

This jumped up out of nowhere for me, 11.04 was working fine since I put it on ((with some minor cosmetic problems like ccsm totally dying on me)) but all of a sudden my "wireless disabled by hardware" bit me and my F2 key ((which used to shut off wireless and turn it back on just fine)) would not turn on the wireless.

This fix worked.

bummer, but glad to be back