A friend on mine gave me a new computer recently. It has legit Windows XP/SP3. My old system was a dual-boot with Lucid Lynx 32bit and a black WinXP/SP2, each on a separate HDD.

How do I put my Lucid HDD into this new computer and then get GRUB working? I tried once and it didn't work. My old system had WinXP on an ancient 80Gb IDE Baracuda that was starting to die. My Lucid install is on a 160Gb SATA HDD. The new system is on a 500Gb SATA. Does it matter which SATA port on the mobo the drives are plugged into?

I have been using computers since the old DOS days, so I'm not a complete neophyte when it comes to the command line.

My first guess is to plug in the Linux HDD and boot with Lucid CD in the DVD/CD drive. After that, I don't know.