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Thread: Padre won't start after distro upgrade (lib missing?)

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    Exclamation Padre won't start after distro upgrade (lib missing?)

    Padre (the Perl IDE) won't open now that I have upgraded to 11.04.
    Clearly there is a problem with a Wx library but I haven't been able to clear it up.

    All the dependencies seem to be accounted for. Here is the output when I try running it from the terminal:

    $ padre
    Can't load '/usr/lib/perl5/auto/Wx/' for module Wx: /usr/lib/perl5/auto/Wx/ symbol wxDefaultVideoMode, version WXU_2.8 not defined in file libwx_gtk2 with link time reference at /usr/lib/perl/5.10/ lin
    e 192.
     at /usr/share/perl5/Padre/ line 23
    Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/perl5/Padre/ line 23.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/perl5/Padre/ line 2
    Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/perl5/Padre/ line 113.
    Does anyone have any ideas?



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    Re: Padre won't start after distro upgrade (lib missing?)

    I am having the same issue (upgraded to 11.04 as well), with the same results displayed as Jon.

    Anyone have suggestions? I'll mess around with it and see what I can come up with.

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    Re: Padre won't start after distro upgrade (lib missing?)

    Here is a possible *temporary* solution I found in the Padre IRC.
    This is above me at the moment so I'm going to take the opportunity to do some learning.

    I was also asked to link to their wiki for the issue so someone can possibly give a user friendly solution.

    15:52 Jake question: is Padre broken in ubuntu 11.04? is there a known issue about this and is there an eta? thanks in advance
    15:53 szabgab Jake: I have not tried padre in 11.04 yet, I am using 10.10
    15:53 Jake there is a bun reported to ubuntu
    15:54 Jake im just wondering if the devs of padre are aware of it
    15:54 szabgab but if you think it is broken there, then please fill a bug report with ubuntu as they are the distributers, what we can do is document the issue on our wiki
    15:54 szabgab and also help you install the latest version of Padre from CPAN
    15:54 szabgab Jake: if there is areport already, could you give us the link?
    15:55 Jake
    15:55 Jake i uninstalled the version that comes with natty and installed the one from cpa nand get same results as in this bug issue
    15:56 Jake cpan not cpa
    15:56 szabgab Jake: the issues seems to be in their WxWidgets or in Wx
    15:56 Jake new kb doesnt like me
    15:56 szabgab so probably you will need to force install those from CPAN
    15:56 szabgab it is PITA but that usually works
    15:56 Jake any pointers to give me?
    15:57 Jake I love padre hehe cant live without it and i cant revert my upgrade to 11.04
    15:58 szabgab
    16:00 Jake Alien::wxWidgets is up to date (0.51)
    16:00 Jake Wx is up to date (0.98).
    16:00 szabgab probably, but they were still incorrectly compiled
    16:01 szabgab I'd probably insall local::lib to be on the safe side
    16:01 Jake ok so u want me to force a reinstall of both these from cpan?
    16:01 szabgab and then force install alien::wxWidgets (and tell it to compile)
    16:01 szabgab from CPAN
    16:01 Jake kk sec
    16:01 szabgab an d then force install Wx
    16:03 Hyppolit wiki page changed by szabgab
    16:03 Jake hehe
    16:03 Jake nice
    16:04 Jake installing Wx now
    16:06 Jake sorry about the delay
    16:06 Jake my work pc is tired and my boss is to cheap
    16:06 szabgab it takes time to compile those
    16:07 Jake well first 2 took under a minute
    16:07 Jake its Wx thats taking a while hehe
    16:07 szabgab if it was that fast then you did not compile wxwidgets
    16:07 szabgab let's hope that the problem was in Wx only
    16:08 Jake well up to now this is what i did
    16:08 Jake in order
    16:08 Jake sudo cpan
    16:08 szabgab Alien::wxWidgets by deafault uses the one you already have installed, I think
    16:08 Jake install local::lib
    16:08 Jake force install Alien::wxWidgets
    16:08 Jake force install Wx
    16:08 szabgab local::lib should not need sudo
    16:09 Jake well i always launch cpan as sudo then install what i need once in cpan
    16:09 Jake im a noob as u can see
    16:09 szabgab well, we are all noob in some area
    16:09 szabgab in most areas
    16:10 Jake im learning perl and loving it and padre is helping me a lot in that learning by being so nice and simple
    16:10 Jake ok wx installed
    16:10 Jake gonna launch padre now
    16:10 szabgab IMHO the main point of local::lib is that you don't install as root and don't mix systme installed stuff with CPAN installed stuff
    16:11 Jake oups
    16:11 Jake well it works now mate
    16:11 szabgab that's great to hear
    16:12 Jake i can launch both the cpan version from /usr/local/bin and the ubuntu release that is in /usr/bin
    16:12 Jake so thast the steps i would put for natty users till ubuntu fixes there release
    16:12 Jake thanks for the quick fix and keep up the good work Padre is awesome
    16:12 szabgab thanks
    16:12 szabgab please tell others about it
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