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Thread: After upgrading to 11.04, a few questions.

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    After upgrading to 11.04, a few questions.

    1. My HDD (I believe) is making a clicking sound. It's a Star4, and it sounds like it is coming from the right side. (I am assuming that is where the HDD is located?)
    2. I heard that the Star4's touchpad supports multi-touch, and 11.04 is supposed to support multi-touch. How do I activate it?

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    Re: After upgrading to 11.04, a few questions.

    The hard drive issue sounds like a hardware problem to me. Please contact us via email at

    As for multitouch, the driver for Star3 and up Starlings doesn't support multitouch. So while the hardware can send the gestures, and Unity can interpret them, the layer bridging them together doesn't yet.
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