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Thread: Widelands build 16

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    Widelands build 16

    Hey guys, i just thought i would give you all a headsup. Recently, Widelands build 16 was released, but the one you find in Ubuntu's repositories is build 15-2 (i think). However, theres a guy over at Widelands community that has made his own PPA, that yall can add to your software manager to get your hands on the latest build.

    I dont know how this will work out if you already have Widelands installed and try to update it, but for a fresh install it should work out nicely, atleast it did for me. So without further ado, here is the PPA link.

    Just copy that into your software resources and you should be set..

    Build 16 holds alot of bugfixes and other implements. Its a great build and is truly worth the download.

    If any of you guys dont know what the game is about, well its a open source game based on settlers 1 and 2 by bluebyte. And for all you strategy fans, this is a must have. If you want more information just head over to

    Happy gaming everybody

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    Re: Widelands build 16

    Hey thanks! I read the website, and thought it was kind of stiffing the Linux community that they weren't going to try and produce Linux binaries anymore. That just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.


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