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Thread: Crappy HD Video Playback

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    Smile Crappy HD Video Playback

    Hello, After installing Ubuntgu 11.04 64bit, fresh install, everything video related started to be crappy.

    At first, Unity is snappy and all that, but after a few hours of use, everything starts stuttering, even my mouse, tese are my specs:

    Core i3-540m
    4BG DDR3@1333
    Nvidia GTS250

    The system shouldn't even flich when I throw mkv's at it, or after resuming from standby.
    The system is set up as a Programming Station: Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, -> Drupal.

    On Ubuntu 10.10 everything worked like a charm, I also get the message like everybody else, NVIDIA accelerated graphics: "This driver is activated but currently not in use"

    Any ideas to the matteR?

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