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Thread: Unity SSHMenu alternative

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    Unity SSHMenu alternative

    Hi there,

    With natty/unity I've lost my handy SSH menu applet which I can use to quickly open connections to various hosts. I've tried:
    But it seems I have to log out and back in again each time I add a host to the .desktop file for them to show up in the context menu. (and if I uncheck keep in launcher, I never have the option to add it again unless I rename my custom launcher)

    I also tried just adding a new menu and launcher under System Settings -> Main Menu, but they aren't appearing in dash either. Any good solutions?


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    Re: Unity SSHMenu alternative

    Same here. I cannot live without my SSHMenu!


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    Re: Unity SSHMenu alternative

    Add me to the list. I'm a Linux admin with roughly 50 server in SSHMneu. I'd really hate to have to back out 11.04.

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    Re: Unity SSHMenu alternative

    Ah yes, the ssh menu I miss greatly. Please, could someone recommend or create a unity replacement?

    Bye, Pim

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    Re: Unity SSHMenu alternative

    Same problem for me.

    For the moment I invoke sshmenu by typing in the unity launcher and a little windows with SSHMENU inside shows up so I can connect to my hosts but that's only a work around...

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    Re: Unity SSHMenu alternative

    I have created a profile for each host I connect to in The Terminal. I can then open a terminal to that host from an existing terminal with File | Open Terminal | "Term_Name"

    1. Open a Terminal and click on File | New Profile

    2. Type in a Name for the Profile such as the host you connect to.

    3. Up pops a screen to edit for the host. Go to the "Title and Command" Tab

    4. Tick on "Update login record when command is launched"

    5. Tick on "Run a custom command instead of my shell.

    6. In the "Custom command" box add something like:

    ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=30 --title=Hostname

    7. Close

    Repeat for all the hosts you want....

    This is the only way I have found to deal with the non-sshmenu option. Not as clean but it works for me.

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