H1, Mahuhu,

With 10.04 you will not have Unity or the test file, so that error message is expected.

I have little detailed knowledge of Intel video cards and I gather the [8086:2a02] GM965 primary [0300] running the i915 driver is normal. The [8086:2a03] as secondary [0380] is something I have not come across before and I have no idea if it is normal for lspci to show it without drivers, or if it should run in parallel like SLI.

Have you checked in Bios to see if there is an option to choose or omit one or other of the GPU's?

Perhaps lshw will be more informative if you can Post its output.
sudo lshw -C display
Please also repond to my other query:
Please also confirm if it will run OK from a LiveCd/Usb, or, if not, how far it gets, and what errors does it show.?
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Chao!, bogan.