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Thread: creating menus in unity

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    Re: creating menus in unity

    Wow, that some cool instructions here...

    Now all we need is a good GUI to automate these things. Perhaps a program at start, later something integrated into unity.

    Of we could all make the code ourselves, but that wouldn't be productive... What's missing is something simple, like the way you can group Icons on an Iphone. After all most people want to spend their time in front of the PC doing things, not setting up an ultimate system.

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    Re: creating menus in unity

    Customizing the icons/desktop files would be pretty easy. Lots of tutorials on it and there has to be a FOSS app floating around to automate it. Even if there isn't I think it'd be easy enough even I could manage to crank out some code. I'd do it too if I could find some documentation on how to modify/edit the lenses as well. If modifying lenses wasn't any harder then modifying the desktop files then a project for some sort of "unity config" program would be easy to do and I'd be with that I'd be willing to attempt ubuntu again. Problem is I can't find any documentation or tutorials or anything on how to customize or edit the lenses within unity and without that it's useless. This reminds me of when I had problems customizing the menus in gnome and it took me awhile to find "alacarte" to customize it. Eventually ubuntu got smart and just renamed that program to "main menu" and made it a default install. We just need the unity equivalent to "alacarte" and it really bothers me that unity shipped without something like that.
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    Re: creating menus in unity

    I don't think you'll find any easy way to modify/extend the dash lenses in natty short of modding the source, though I'd think things will improve there in 11.10

    Myself don't care that much, don't plan on using natty for too long and with 3 or 4 unity launcher menus can surpass anything gnome2 offered as far as menus I'm interested in having and using.
    (in accessibility, customizing and speed of use unity is better

    Atm the only limitation is quicklist's are only 1 level deep - the icon is the 'category', the quicklist is the menu. - 1 or 2 clicks to execution

    Did file a bug on enabling subsets in quicklists, maybe I'll get an response sometime
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