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Thread: Lubuntu 11.04 Taskbar color change

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    Lubuntu 11.04 Taskbar color change


    I just installed Lubuntu 11.04. However I find the color of the taskbar a bit annoing (the aplication menu sign is almost not visible on blue). The Lubuntu 10.10 default taskbar was gray (more like the classic Win XP version) and the sign was blue and white and cleary more visible. After I checked the panel options it looks like the color is determined by a png type file (lubuntu-background.png). It's possile to get the the 10.10 file version from somewere and replace the one default for 11.04 ?

    Thank you and I apologise for my bad english.

    LE: I changed the color of the lubuntu-background.png file but sadly I can't make it look like the attached picture taskbar.
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