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Thread: Lubuntu 11.04 Taskbar color change

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    Lubuntu 11.04 Taskbar color change

    I am posting here because it's the closest thread to my problem so I hope I'm in the right place!

    I have Lubuntu 11 on my two computers, an acer one and a custom built desktop. Both have Cairo-Dock running and although slightly different in detail I am really pleased with both. However on the acer I have one small problem with the taskbar and it irritates me!

    I want the taskbar panel background to be transparent so in 'Appearance' I have set the colour to solid by putting zeros in the seven boxes on the 'Pick a Colour' panel. This works but things go slightly wrong in the course of use. On boot the taskbar starts off transparent but changes to blue when fully booted. I can however get it back to transparent by changing the wallpaper and it then remains transparent until the next re-boot (It's ok on hibernate) when the whole process repeats itself. I do not use a built in wallpaper.

    Any suggestions welcome.

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    Re: Lubuntu 11.04 Taskbar color change

    Post moved to its own thread.


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