I am trying to migrate my server to a new sever I am doing a full backup of the file system using TAR as a backup of the root directory. I copy the tar file over to the new server and extract it, i can see all the files fine when navigating around. Once I reboot it comes up with a window saying - "Gave up waiting for root device. ALERT! /dev/mapper/dc-root does not exist. Dropping to a shell!" I know its something with the mapper files not being mounted so i copied from the new system the fstab and the grub folder because i wanted it from the new server configuration so it would boot. I have been trying everything and i have to do this on a few more servers that have LVM's that i would like to make it a little more quicker of a process. I have searched around and i can't find any solution that worked. If anyone could direct me to the right path that would be very helpful. Thanks