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Thread: 11.04 timer-applet replacement?

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    Re: 11.04 timer-applet replacement?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unkuiri View Post

    I've tried your program and works, but I can't make it work with conky to see the passing time on the top panel.
    I'm using precise.
    I've copied the conky config you say to the file /etc/conky/conky.conf
    Any idea? How can I activate conky?

    Thanks in advance
    Have you set the panel opacity to "0" in ccsm?

    When you run "conky" it will first look for a config @ ~/.conkyrc
    If no config exists @ ~/.conkyrc it will load the default config @ /etc/conky/conky.conf

    Save the config to ~/.conkyrc and run "conky" in the terminal to check for errors.

    You also need a folder named tmp in your home directory for the
    countdown to show. Create one if it doesn't exist.

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    Re: 11.04 timer-applet replacement?

    Thanks for your reply...I've made it work on the desktop editing the config file but I can't make it work on the panel..I'll serch more and try other configs when I have some time...

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