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    Natty Info: Your UI options

    Thinking about installing Natty? Not sure how you will deal with a new UI? You don't have to use the New UI!

    Natty offers 3 UI options at login:

    Ubuntu Classic (No Effects)

    This is the stripped-down 'race car' version of the UI. It is very fast, and is a very good choice for systems with fewer resources or power users that just want to work very quickly:

    Ubuntu Classic

    If you love Compiz, the Desktop Cube and Wobbly windows, then Ubuntu Classic is for you. You can use CCSM to setup the effects that make your non-Ubuntu friends jealous:

    Ubuntu (Unity)

    You can still try Unity whenever you want by logging out of your 'Classic' mode, and logging into 'Ubuntu' (Unity) mode:

    To help you use Unity better, here are a few basic tips.

    System Settings are now a found in the 'Power/Log Out' menu:

    Right Click on the icons in the launcher for more options (options vary depending on the icon):

    You can use CCSM to change the Launcher Icon size and the transparency of the top panel:

    The Workspace Switcher uses the 'Desktop Wall' format. You can drag windows from one workspace to another right here:

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