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Thread: Mouse Control using Microsoft Kinect

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    Question Mouse Control using Microsoft Kinect

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a sophomore in college researching mouse control using an Xbox Kinect, I was told that XWrapper.config would be the place to find the name of the function that controls the X, Y position of the mouse. I then would want to replace that code with the Kinect Sensor position of the active pointer from a sample. I dont know how to access this file through the terminal to see its code. If anyone knows the name of the functions or knows how to modify it would be a great help.


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    Re: Mouse Control using Microsoft Kinect

    had you already discovered the openkinect website and the Kinect Mouse project


    Kinect-Mouse project

    I'm trying to compile Kinect-Mouse on Lucid as of writing this.
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    Re: Mouse Control using Microsoft Kinect

    Moved to ABT.
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    Re: Mouse Control using Microsoft Kinect

    Im just trying to get the kinect mouse to work and im having issues installing libglut3 on 11.10. I found a work around but im not sure about on of the steps if someone could help me. the red part is what i dont get...

    • Install freeglut3-dev, which replaced libglut3-dev in oneiric:
      sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev
    • Install equivs, which will allow you to create pseudo-packages:
      sudo apt-get install equivs
    • Create a file libglut3-dev.conf for the pseudo package linking libglut3-dev and freeglut3-dev:
      Section: misc
      Priority: optional
      Standards-Version: 3.6.2
      Package: libglut3-dev
      Depends: freeglut3-dev
      Description: temporary package to satisfy dependencies of Ubuntu 11.04 packages on 11.10
    • Convert it to an actual package and install it:
      equivs-build libglut3-dev.conf
      sudo dpkg -i libglut3-dev_1.0_all.deb

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