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Thread: Anybody out there need help with an Ubuntu issue?

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    Re: Anybody out there need help with an Ubuntu issue?

    I'm running 10.10 on a VM running under Windows 7 pro 64-bit, is there an easy way of changing my screen resolution in the grub loader to utilize more of my monitor? Currently I'm using the 788 parameter on the nosplash line. I've allocated 2gig of ram and 150gig of dedicated disk space to the Ubuntu VM.

    TIA, Mike

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    Lightbulb Re: Anybody out there need help with an Ubuntu issue?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobrm2 View Post
    Ok, I've set the system, saved and exit, computer rebooted on it's own and I'm back to the BLACK screen with flashing cursor. My question is this normal on initial setup?
    The most likely answer here is actually a BIOS setting afterall. Grub does not do well with SATA drives that are configured to use AHCI mode. To eliminate that possibility, check your BIOS to determine if you can change the SATA controller to use 'IDE' or 'Legacy' mode (they're one and the same, but called differently by various CMOS/BIOS manufacturers).

    One of my hobbies is installing Linux into anything that will run a kernel. I also work with Ubuntu, Red Hat, and embedded Linux systems professionally at my day job (Network Systems Analyst), and have had extensive experience in advanced systems integration, such as integrating Active Directory support to Ubuntu systems used for development so that domain users can simply login with their Windows UserID via the built in Microsoft Terminal Services client (this is achieved via xrdp + xinetd + gdm + vnc4server + centrifydc).

    If I might be of further assistance, feel free to contact me via Facebook under the same Username I've posted under here the Ubuntu Forum.

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