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Thread: Geom Error

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    Geom Error

    I just installed ubuntu on 60GB of unallocated space on my second drive and am now receiving a Goem error. Before, I was dual booting with two Windows 7 installations, using the second drive to store data and the second Windows 7 installation. I cannot boot into any of the operating systems.

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    Re: Geom Error

    Hi and welcome to UF

    Lets have a look at your boot info script. If someone can help you, they will need this.

    To post your boot info script, boot up to your live cd/usb, download the boot info script from the following link & save it to your desktop.

    Then open a terminal (Cntrl+Alt+T) and run the following command...
    sudo bash ~/Desktop/boot_info_script*.sh
    This will create a results.txt file on your desktop. Open that file and copy/paste the info between code tags using the "#" symbol in the toolbar of your next post.

    To put it between code tags, just click the # symbol in the toolbar & paste it between [CODE] [ /CODE] tags.
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