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Thread: Vertigo - a hardcore arcade game

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    Re: Vertigo - a hardcore arcade game

    Can't wait for the arch package Just saw the game on freegamer.blogspot and immediately searchead for it in the AUR, but unfortunately I have to wait a little bit longer

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    Re: Vertigo - a hardcore arcade game

    Hi guys,

    I'm sad to announce that the game won't make the official repositories anytime soon. Turns out it needs almost a 50% rewrite for it to be compatible and right now I don't have the time. However, I have 2 ideas that *should* work for Arch users:

    1. I can supply you with a statically linked version of the game, then there's a good chance it runs without modifying anything, but in case that still doesn't work..
    2. I'll guide you through building it from source: the only "proprietary" library being used is the ParticleUniverse one and I already supply that in the main .tar.gz package, so you can use it in linking.

    Building from source shouldn't be much trouble but it certainly isn't my recommendation, I really tried to provide alternative, smoother deployment methods but since I'm a noob and didn't know what it takes to get the package into the official repositories, there's little I can do now.

    Please let me know which method you prefer. I will create the static package right now and update this post once it's uploaded.


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