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Thread: Unity loads ALT+F2 slowly

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    Unity loads ALT+F2 slowly

    I was pretty bummed about having this long lag time between punching ALT+F2 and being able to fire off a linux command. I found a small solution that is worth sharing with everyone.

    Like many, I enjoy customizing my linux desktop. Installation of the compiz manager led me to tweak things that caused the lag time between action and appearance of the pulling up the unity menu. To speed it back up:

    1. open the compizconfig settings manager
    2. navigate to the unity bar
    3. Navigate to experimental
    4. Under dash blur, choose "no blur."

    There you go!

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    Re: Unity loads ALT+F2 slowly

    Also nice: Synapse. = )
    I know I shouldn't use tildes for decoration, but they always make me feel at home~

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