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Thread: Setting up a media center

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    Setting up a media center

    I'm looking for some advice for setting up a media center, which will be hooked up to my flat screen TV. I think I've got most of the technical bits figured out with an Acer with 4 gigs of memory. What I need are some words of wisdom about choices for software and the like:

    • Is it worth the trouble to install Boxee or XMBC, or to play music and videos using VLC, etc.? I realize I won't be able to stream Netflicks without Boxee, but I haven't decided if that's a breaking point or not.

    • Do I want to connect the computer to the TV screen directly through HDMI, or connect the computer to my receiver, which is already hooked up to the TV? I'm cheap enough to want to take advantage of the receiver, but I'm also wondering if sound quality will be better, since it's connected to my speakers and the TV just has internal speakers.

    • Remote. Do I want to try and figure out how to use one of the several remotes that I currently own, or is it just easier to buy a computer-compatible remote?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: Setting up a media center

    1) Depends on whether or not you wanna watch netflix
    I have Ubuntu with XBMC and I like it (Netflix is a no go since it doesn't work in Belgium) I tried boxxee before but since most of the addons don't work in Belgium I went back to XBMC)

    2) If I where you I would use Reciever, since you already have one ande speakers, and most flatscreen tv's speakers are kinda bad(well the ones I've heard)

    3) not sure might work if you have a remote reciever on your pc?
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