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Thread: How do I download a movie in Silverlight?

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    How do I download a movie in Silverlight?

    I'm using Linux Mint.

    I recently added RAM to a computer. I'm trying to download the bonus movie (at that came with the RAM I bought, but I can't access it. I downloaded and installed Silverlight. I checked the add-ons in Firefox, and the Silverlight plug-in is enabled. When I click on the button to download my movie, I get a dialog box telling me to start the PNY movie player. I click on OK, and NOTHING HAPPENS.

    Have any of you successfully downloaded your movie? If so, how?
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    Re: How do I download a movie in Silverlight?

    I really hate giving this answer, but I don't have much of a choice. Use Windows. Silverlight is an MS program that Linux can't use. You may be able to try Moonlight, but good luck with that.

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