Hello everyone!

Since natty beta2 I've removed mac os x and have an ubuntu single boot on my macbook. It's going great so far !
(have some trouble caused by nvidia driver, had to bless partition so macbook wouldn't hang on efi during boot, wireless problems(solved by update), etc...)

BUT my biggest annoyance was that my keyboard layout wasn't correct... I live in Belgium so I have a special AZERTY layout and the macintosh or apple keyboards under "Belgium" are all wrong or incredibly old... AND YET the solution is easypeasy:

The Belgian apple keyboards === The French one !!

Exactly the same.
I've been looking into this for some time now and I'm pretty sure about it... There is no difference between the french and the belgian apple/mac/macbook keyboards.

So now what do I do with this knowledge?
Who can help me get this into natty?

Thx Alex