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Thread: issues sharing hfs+ drive

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    issues sharing hfs+ drive

    I just jumped into Ubuntu and installed it as my primary OS on 2 systems and love it. Problem is one of these systems, my htpc, used to be a hackintosh and has 2 hdd's in it. One with 2 partitions, formatted in hfs+ with osx on it and my media data. i would like to share this this data on the network but get the error that i don't have permissions to share folders on this drive.

    How do i get permissions to share these folders?

    How do i share these folders on a network with another 10.10 ubuntu computer and a macbook pro OSX 10.6?

    Id like to do a (AFP?) share? like but don't know if its possible to do (Samba?) shares?

    again just like a lot of people on here i'm new to ubuntu/linux but finding my way around. haven't seen any clear threads on this issue from searching but maybe someone has some answers.

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