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Thread: cant write to dvd+r?

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    cant write to dvd+r?

    ok this is quite annonying now, i am trying to install windows 7 dark and i burned the iso to a dvd+r with brasero and i hit the 1st option of data burning. then when i went to boot from the dvd it wouldnt work and i tryed to "blank" the dvd but that also did not work, nothing popped up!

    and i do have the dvd in the drive.. i even tryed gnomebaker to clear the dvd but it also failed

    and i dont have any dvd+rw and no cd's that can hold the iso...

    this is on ubuntu 10.10

    ugh sorry but on the pictures you need to copy and paste the links

    or is there a away to do this off of a flash drive?
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    Re: cant write to dvd+r?

    You can't wipe dvd+r disks.

    Sounds like you burnt the iso file to the disk. So when you put the disk in (while booted into an OS) you will see a dvd with blahblah.iso on it. This is not how isos are supposed to be burnt. An iso is an image, and should be burnt as an image.

    For example, on Brasero Disk Burner, you can create a "data disk" (which is what I think you did), or you can "Burn image".*

    To burn an iso file, you choose "Burn image".

    *You can also copy DVDs, and create movie/audio DVDs, but those options aren't relevant at the moment.
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