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Thread: xf86-input-mtrack: The Other Multitouch Trackpad Driver

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    xf86-input-mtrack: The Other Multitouch Trackpad Driver

    xf86-input-mtrack v0.2.0
    Xorg Multitouch Trackpad Driver

    This is the official release of xf86-input-mtrack, a multitouch trackpad driver for X. It has been tested again Xorg versions 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, and now 1.10.

    Click here to visit the GitHub project page.

    To download the latest stable source code:
    git clone git://
    This project started life as a fork of xf86-input-multitouch and was originally announced in this thread. It has come a long way and I believe it's finally worthy of a version number.

    The README on Github gives a configuration example and an overview of all the available options.

    Support for disabling the trackpad while typing is included as of v0.2.0. This requires an external daemon. I have created dispad for this purpose:

    Please post any issues to the project's issues tracker on Github. You can check the last few pages of the original thread for some example configs that other people are using.


    Changelog for v0.2.0
    • Now built via autoconf/automake.
    • Fully configurable via XInput.
    • Sensitivify now configurable.
    • Trackpad can now be disabled on keystroke via an external daemon.
    • Four finger tapping/swiping added.
    • Button zones added, a new button emulation method.
    • Tap-to-drag fixed.
    • Three finger tapping responsiveness fixed.

    Changelog for v0.1.1
    • Bugfix release.
    • Disabling tapping no longer (wrongly) disables pointer movement.
    • Button emulation set to ignore "old" touches. What consitutes an old touch can be adjusted with the ButtonTouchExpire option.

    Changelog for v0.1.0
    • Initial release.
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