Can anyone recommend me easy-to-setup monitoring software for linux (or wine compatible)? In Windows, I've been using MultiPing, and I was looking for a program with similar features, specifically:

  • Pinging multiple IPs at once and being able to assign a name to each IP
  • Sortable columns (e.g. sorting by IP, name, packet loss)
  • A graphical interface and basic statistics (packet loss, ping time)
  • History (of at least the last 10 days)in order to see previous performance. If possible, something similar to MultiPing's "timeline graphics" in order to see the specific time when continuous packet loss started.

Other useful features that I'd like but that I don't require are:

  • Something not as resource-intensive as MultiPing
  • Alerts (desktop notification, email, sms)
  • Traceroute
  • Data export

As far as I know, Wine doesn't currently support MultiPing. I searched for some options, but I only found nagios, zabbix, and other similar software which are more than what I need, require more configuration time, and don't seem to have such great documentation. I just want to input some IPs and assign names for them, and set up basic things such as ping interval.

Some simpler options I've found, such as pinger, fping, and m-ping, are too basic and don't have the all the features I need.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.