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Thread: “error: unknown file system grub rescue>” on boot

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    “error: unknown file system grub rescue>” on boot

    I previously had Ubuntu installed on my MBR. I deleted that partition (32 GB), resized my Mac partition back up to (250 GB), and then reduced it to 200 GB and created a new one with 50 GB via BootCamp to install Windows 7 from a DVD that I burnt (I got a Windows executable from MSDNAA that I used with Wine to obtain the ISO image. Insert rant about having to download Windows with a Windows executable here.).

    I've tried burning two different DVDs. I used Burn on my Mac to burn a data DVD+R with the HFS+ and Joliet filesystems (I think) and then tried again with the ISO9660 and UDF filesystems. The latter has not shown any signs of working besides mounting on OS X. The first DVD would not boot whenever I held 'C' down at time of boot. So I went into BootCamp and clicked "Start Installation". It restarted my computer and this is where the real confusion comes up. I think that it tried booting via the empty partition. The reason I say this is that there are remnants of GRUB and when I boot, I get a screen that says this:

    error: unknown filesystem
    grub rescue>

    The only command that I have found to work is ls. For the time being, I have booted back to the OS X partition by holding the "option" key on boot. I have no idea where to go from here. Any pointers will be much appreciated.
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    Re: “error: unknown file system grub rescue>” on boot

    This is how to burn a bootable disk in OS X:

    Whilst I'm here you may or may not find this link helpful also, I know I do:

    Good luck with it.

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