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Thread: Logitech MK700 Keyboard, Key mapping

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    Logitech MK700 Keyboard, Key mapping

    Hi everyone, I have a logitech MK700 keyboard. and I am trying to map the Funtction buttions, some work by default in Ubuntu 12.10, IE if I press <FN> F1, web browser opens BUT for example <FN> f11 should open either excel or LibreCalc, now obviously this doesn't work, So I tried using the built in keyboard shortcuts menu in ubuntu, with no success, it allows me to name the key binding, tell it the command, but won't let me enable or set a key (not even just 1 letter).

    I have tried HIDPoint but unfortunately it is now severly out of date, and wont run (properly) on anything past Ubuntu 10.10.

    Does any1 have any suggestions.

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