Hello Forum!

I have previously posted about the lack of back lighting with Natty Beta 1. When I first discussed this issue I was directed to this bug.


But it is NOT the issue. This bug affects Dell Studio 1558 brightness control. The bug I am referring to, is a complete lack of back lighting on an Acer Aspire 5734Z laptop. I would like to point out that in Alpha 1 this was not a problem. It began being a problem with Alpha 2. My hopes were that subsequent development would solve the issue. This has not been the case. I would like to report this as a bug on Launchpad, however, I can't run ubuntu-bug on a system where I'm completely blind.

I have explored several fixes. Running with ACPI turned off returns backlighting, but uses GNOME as the desktop instead of Unity, and the screen resolution is wrong. I am aware that these things are because of Natty running in a "safe" VGA mode. These problems are the same in Natty Beta 2.

I believe this to be a very serious bug. I do not know how many other systems are possibly affected by this.

Any and all assistance or attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. All constructive suggestions, instructions, and ideas are welcome.