Greetings, everyone!

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit on my Alienware M17x laptop, and let the operating system consume all of the space on the SSD since it was working so smoothly. After a little trouble with getting the drivers to work and configuring the X server, both of my GTX280M graphics cards are being recognized by the operating system; however, I cannot get it to recognize my integrated GeForce 9400M GPU, which I would like to use when I am on battery power.

Updating the NVIDIA driver from version 260.19.06 to 260.19.44 causes the X server to crash upon initialization due to a kernel module version mismatch, and enabling either the discrete or integrated graphics in the BIOS also causes the X server to fail. If you could suggest something else I could possibly try in order to get the operating system to recognize my integrated GPU, it would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much for reading my thread!