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Thread: Sims 3 no-dvd crack

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    Sims 3 no-dvd crack

    I am having problems running the Sims 3 under wine with Ubuntu 11.04, it gets further in loading than in the previous version of Ubuntu and/or wine but i still have the problem of the game being unable to find the disc.

    I had a look at the wine appdb posts on the Sims 3 and a lot of them recommend using a no-dvd/cd crack but I'm wondering as to the legality of it and also the potential for my DVD-key to be blacklisted as pirated.

    So what are the risks (if any) and how easy is it to do? or better yet is there a way to get the game to find the disc without a crack?

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    Re: Sims 3 no-dvd crack

    Cracks are a legal grey area and as such are a topic that we are not really allowed to discuss here on the Ubuntu forums. However, the use of cracks is often required to run games in Wine, since Wine does not support all copy protection schemes. There is little risk involved in using a crack (there is no "blacklist" for you to get on) and it is usually very easy to do. Don't ask where to get one or specifically how to use one, that's when we really start to get into violating the forum rules.

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    Re: Sims 3 no-dvd crack

    From my understanding the cracks are legal if you own the game. Its the same idea as MAME and Emulator ROMS. If you have a physical copy in your possession you can run the emulators.

    However if you have torrented or do not have an original copy of the game then its illegal. Thats all I will say about it.

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    Re: Sims 3 no-dvd crack

    Nevertheless, we don't allow it on UF.

    Thread closed.
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