...that works in Ubuntu Lucid. I have just psent a few hours with my SB Audigy (SB 0570) with the "flexi-jack" to RCA coax Digital input. Get stereo, but no 5.1

I then tried Windows XPSP3 in the same way and still got no 5.1. I know the amp is working. This is an older Dell Dimension E520.

I am not looking for "Pro-Audio" quality, Just the 5.1 from some video clips and sound clips, as well as when I play surround encoded DVD's, and also, one that reads the surround effects from MS Windows Flight Simulator X. (I know that it's not DD/DTS, but "generated analog 5.1" - but that's a Windows issue not related here...)

So what brand and model PCI sound cards give full surround work with minimal-to-no "tweaking" required in Ubuntu?

Thank you!