I know this is not a android forum, but anyways here goes.
I have been looking at a tablet pc, for being able to surf the web, homework, work related stuff and being better to programming. Im annoyed by wasting time with public transportation where i just look out the window.

Ive been looking at the Acer ICONIA Tab A500 - 32 GB. But im in doubts.

Does the android platform have, the terminal that we know from ubuntu? for being able to connect to servers and such over the web. The machine only have 1GB ddr2 ram, is this enough? im afraid of choppy graphics when using the multi-touch display or slow reaction times.

The tablet does not have a 3G connection built into it, but i thought about connecting it to my android phone over usb for web access.

Also anyone know what android users do about creating documents? do they use libre office or something?

Thanks all on advance.