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Thread: Character Encoding

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    Unhappy Character Encoding


    I'm new to this foum n hoping to get an answer to my question. Here it is, I'm using ubuntu 10.10 n I have Turkish character encoding problem. I checked ubuntu manual n according to it, Turkish charachters encoded in ISO 8859-9 (Latin 4). In gedit I save my html file with that encoding n not all but some letters are not recognized by the browser like (ş,ı ğ or Ğ). Is there a patch or fix about the issue?

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    Re: Character Encoding

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    Re: Character Encoding

    Hi there,

    So you have set your Ubuntu to Turkish encoding...

    Am I right to assume you have set your encoding in the HTML file to the same character code?

    Also, what browser are you suing and have you set the default character encoding in the browser?


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