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Thread: canta-game disabled on upgrade to maverick

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    canta-game disabled on upgrade to maverick

    For a long time I've been trying to get CANTA-game working on my ubuntu 64 bit machine. It is very similar in nature to SingInTune by Chaumet software for windows. You decide & enter which song you want to learn on your chosen musical instrument and the program can hear and display graphically how close you came to hitting each note exactly right as you practice. I believe it was originally written for voice but it works with violin, guitar and banjo just by clipping a tiny microphone near the strings at the point where one strums.

    Now CANTA is no longer in the repositories. Can anyone help me.
    I need very simple step-by-step instructions.
    Thanks in advance.
    The program is listed on sourceforge but inactive. Even appreciate advice in that area.
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