thanks a lot bagh33ra. i'm running ubuntu 10.10 on my canon IR2318L.

i am now able to use my printing on a very limited basis. we are using 8.5in by 13in (long bond) as our standard paper in the office but the printer configuration does not allow me to set up 8.5in by 13in as paper size.

My present set up is that the printer is set at custom paper size of 8.5 by 13 while in the computer's printer configuration the paper is set as 8.5 by 14 (this is the only set up where canon IR2318L allows me to print). But I can only print one page at a time since the printer error light blinks and I have to cancel printing to proceed to print the next apge.

Can anyone help me to configure my printer in ubuntu to set 8.5in by 13 as paper size. There is no 8.5in by 13in (or long bond) in the printer configuration.


PS I'm holding off upgrading to ubuntu 11.04 because of this problem.