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Thread: Reinstalling from USB. What should I back up?

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    Arrow Reinstalling from USB. What should I back up?

    Except for the obvious home folder, how can I save at least some of my settings, like the background picture, the icons, my customizations to the menu?

    Also, If ubuntu on the USB is not working perfectly (software center crashes most of the time without any reason) it shouldn't impact the resulting install on my hard drive, right?

    What do you back up usually except the Home folder?

    And a last thing:
    What is, in ubuntu, the closest thing to syncing in Google Chrome?
    What else would you recommend to do before deleting everything and making a new ubuntu on your pc?

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    Re: Reinstalling from USB. What should I back up?

    you should be just fine with the home folder just make sure you get all the hidden files as well. make a list of your applications you will need and install them the settings will be restored. If you back up your home folder you will back up any bookmarks and settings for you browsers.

    good luck
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