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Thread: Ushare and 360 File/folder issue

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    Ushare and 360 File/folder issue

    Hey everybody, I'm hoping you guys can help me out a little here. I've tried googling this, but figuring out how to word it so it shows results is impossible. I successfully have my 360 and media server talking to each other and streaming content. Only problem is that the Xbox will not recognize the folder tree as Artist>>Album>>Song. Instead it just lists everything (including artwork etc) no matter whether you choose browse by Artist, Album, Song on the Xbox. I'm very meticulous with the organization of my music, so I know the ID3 tags and everything is good. The same share on Windows7 works perfectly. In my conf file, I just shared the entire media folder /mnt/media (which is a separate NTFS logical partition that 7/Ubuntu share with all my media on it). Any clues why Ushare would act like that? How do I need to format the folder structure for Ushare to organize the files properly? Am I missing something? Here is the article I followed to set it up:
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    Re: Ushare and 360 File/folder issue



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