Hi all, here we go:

1. Download Linux package from:


2. Extract the content of the package (*.tar.gz) on your Home, Desktop...right click > Extract here

3. Open a terminal and go where you extract zimbra...for example:

$ cd home/<user_name>/Desktop/zdesktop_2_0_1_b10659_linux_i686/

4. from that path run:

$ sudo ./install.pl

5. It will guide you to the Setup Zimbra Desktop > press (A) to accept terms and conditions

6. If you would, accept the default directori where it install


7. Would you like to continue to install files for user: Root? > Here you may want to answer NO...otherwise you always have to log in Zimbra Desktop as superuser.

8. To install data files run this command (always on the same path: ~//Desktop/zdesktop_2_0_1_b10659_linux_i686/):

$ /opt/zimbra/zdesktop//linux/user-install.pl

9. Now you'll be asked about where to install files, for example:


(if you put a dot in front zdesktop, it'll be hidden (ctrl+h) inside your home folder...)

10. And then you'll be asked about the path where to locate the icon where you'll launch Zimbra, for example:


11. Press enter and configure your accounts. It is a really usefull, and complete aplication. You have tabs to manage facebook,twitter accounts, calendar, tags...

Enjoy, Cheers