Here's a simple one.

First off, I may say that if you're a REAL retro-gamer, you cannot beat Dosbox! All those classic MS DOS games are at your fingertips in this excellent "emulator". I'm currently enjoying Prince of Persia, Populous, Jungle Strike, Thexder 1 and 2, and the DOS version of Sim City 2000.

Here we go:

This works with version 0.63-2 of Dosbox, which is in the repositories.



2) Enter your password

3) Click any line in the upper left window, then type DOS This will take you down to dosbox. Right click the box and select MARK FOR INSTALLATION

4) Click Apply.

Synaptic will download and install DOSBOX.


1) Open a terminal session, and it should take you to your home directory. If not, type cd /home/yourname/

2) Create a directory to store your DOS programs in. I called mine dosprog, so I typed mkdir dosprog The full pathname to this file is home/yourname/dosprog

3) Open dosbox by typing dosbox

4) You are now in the dosbox shell. Neat, huh? Note that it automatically puts you at the Z:\ drive We want to change that. Try typing in the dos command C: Note that it says the drive doesn't exist. We could mount the C drive everytime we open dosbox by typing mount c /home/yourname/dosprog everytime, but why do that whendosbox can create a configuration file to take care of that for you! But first we need to create the file.

5) At the dosbox Z:\ prompt, type in config -writeconf /home/yourname/dosbox.conf You now have the configuration file.

6) Type exit. This puts you back in your terminal session

7) Type sudo gedit dosbox.conf This will open the dosbox configuration file.

8 ) Scroll down the dosbox.conf file to this section:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
Type the following in on a new line:

mount c /home/yourname/dosprog

This will automatically mount the C: drive to your dosprog directory.

8a) If you want dosbox to automatically start on the C: drive, enter C: on a new line after your mount line.

(for more info on what the dosbox.conf file can do, check the FAQ at )

9) Save and quit gedit.

10) Now at the terminal prompt, type in dosbox It should auto mount the C: drive, (and if you followed step 8a, it will also start you on the C: drive)

That's all there is to it!

Now get out there and find yourself some abandonware!