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Thread: Installing Ubuntu Xubuntu on iMac G4?

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    Installing Ubuntu Xubuntu on iMac G4?

    Hey everyone,

    So I just received a iMac G4 for free and I'm trying to get it going for my mother.. She's pretty computer illiterate and just needs something simple for web browsing and checking email.. It's currently running on Mac OS X Panther, It's really bogged down and slow, everything is outdated and I can't seem to get it to work properly and I don't have any disc's for it. So rather than messing with it I just thought it'd be better to install Ubuntu or Xubuntu?

    I heard Xubuntu is better for slower machines with lower specs? Which do you prefer, and how do I go about installing it on the Mac??


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    Re: Installing Ubuntu Xubuntu on iMac G4?

    Hi, welcome to the fora.

    Searching in this one will probably be of more help for you:
    There are many good posts in the 'sticky' part.
    Please help testing a new tool for hardware diagnostics.

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