Ok I have been look into redeploying my server with Ubuntu 10.04 Server edition. But I wanted some advice on partitioning scheme.
the server will serve as a development platform for myself and will maintain FTP via ssh, LAMP, maybe Tomcat.... basically anything a web developer would use. It may also eventually host my personal blog so I want to keep that in mind. I may also setup a diskless (another computer laying with no drive) around cluster that will remote boot from this server

Server Specs:
Amd Athlon 64 3700 single core
2gb DDR 400
200gb sata HDD
1000gb sata HDD

Current Plan:


Partitioning Scheme Questions:
1) Should each drive have its own Swap? Does it matter?
2) Any suggestions on other partitions?
3) I was thinking of using the home as follows

backups/ (I rsync to my windows machine)
www/ (this would be were web files are hosted)
admin/ (this would be the user account folder)