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Thread: video driver and related problems.

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    video driver and related problems.

    Hi, I installed `Natty' a few days back.
    Everything went fine as far as installation goes.
    When I boot into ubuntu, I just get a black screen.
    When I boot into recovery mode, Use fail-safe graphics everything works ok.
    On recovery boot it shows errors for Nouveau (nvidia).

    I don't feel comfortable to uninstall video drivers and X stuff in case I lose the installation.

    I have a nvidia geforce (5200/ I think) 128mb video card.

    I want to sort this out so I can get proper access to my video card (and the 128mb onboard it)

    I have looked around and got a bit of a lid on the fact that older nvidia cards are not really supported and the drivers are not open-source etc.

    What do I do to resolve these issues. I am new to linux and not comfortable with console/terminal based stuff.

    It worked ok in ubuntu 10.1 (although the screen resolution changed occasionally)
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    Re: video driver and related problems.

    Duncan Williams

    Natty is still in development and for testing and bug reporting.
    11.04 sub forum is here for help.

    Development & Programming>Natty Narwhal Testing and Discussion
    When I boot into ubuntu, I just get a black screen.
    Log in to (Classic Desktop) should get you a desktop.
    At log in prompt.



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