I just got a DVI cable today and hooked it up from the DVI output on my computer to the DVI input on my Hanspree 20in. HF205. It worked fine at that point. Then i plugged my old SVGA insignia CRT in to the SVGA output and the display went crazy. I tried rebooting and both of the monitors displayed the same thing. I then went to system>preferences>monitors in 10.10 and unchecked the "mirror monitor" option. Then clicked apply and they went 'crazy' again. I have tried all the settings and it still goes crazy. The CRT and LCD monitors have a different resolution but even when setting that they still go crazy. I would like to make sure that my graphic card and CPU can do dual-monitor before I go and buy a new monitor with the same resolution and pixel depth as the new LCD so that I don't take the risk of wasting my money. The graphics card is ATI and i can get code outputs from terminal if needed.