Okay, first off, I got to say. I LOVE Ubuntu. I have the OS installed on my Dell Vostro 1400 and on my Dell Inspiron 8600 (Which is the one I am typing this on.) I have the Desktop Version on my Vostro and on this Inspiron I have the netbook remix, so I have never experienced this problem previously but...when I set up my Inspiron with Ubuntu Netbook Remix, it went fine. Until it booted and went to the Desktop. It seems to function well except for this; when I go to the Panel on the far left (What's that called? It's not in the Desktop Version) anyway, when I hover over that panel the whole screen flashes so that nothing shows on the Desktop, it just shows the blank default background. How can I make that stop? It happens every time! I suppose it'd be fine if the button I clicked on actually started the application after it blanks. I've tried rebooting a few times....any help would be appreciated!