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Thread: Blender or AutoCAD

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    Blender or AutoCAD

    Hi, it is really usefull use Blender better than AutoCAD? I ask because i am studying electrical engineering and next semester i have to take some wiring class and need to modeling some house and all electric devices. What you recommended to me learn Blender or AutoCAD?

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    Re: Blender or AutoCAD

    Use Autocad ..... if you have it .....

    Blender does not have anything set up yet to do what you require ..... its a 3D modeling system and
    although it is a great program I doubt it would give you what you want especially if you need to
    mark it all out and get the drawings onto a 2D sheet for working from ........

    Maybe sometime in the future things will change .....

    But the only things on Linux that are similar to Autocad ...... are Draftsight and Libre Cad ......
    ( FREECAD is also being developed - but this is for Solid modelling )

    There are some packages on Linux for electrical type drawings ...... but not sure if they are aimed at PCB's

    could do a google search on Linux Electrical Drawings

    hope that this helps in some way ....
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    Re: Blender or AutoCAD

    For what you want to do AutoCAD is far more suitable and capable. Blender doesn't has a good metric system. In Blender all the objects are scaled using proportions and a rudimentary grid, something like if a human being is about 1,80 m tall a tree would be about 7 times taller, and so on. Blender is mostly used for freelance games, where you don't really need a good metric system, and I don't think you can do serious precise work with it.

    If you want an AutoCAD equivalent under Linux than there's BricsCAD,and for serious 3D modeling there's Maya but both are proprietary products, and they don't come really cheap.Anyway BricsCAD is a whole lot cheaper than AutoCAD and mostly does and even looks the same.
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    Re: Blender or AutoCAD

    you could also try FreeCAD .


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