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Thread: Barry installation on 10.10

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    Barry installation on 10.10

    Please can anyone guide me on how to use barry on my machine. I want to be able to sync my blackberry curve 3g and also tether with it.
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    Re: Barry installation on 10.10

    Hello Chinex

    I can only help you begin, because I am also learning how to do this, I haven't made a full backup yet.

    If you haven't gotten Barry yet, you can get it through the Software Center on your Ubuntu desktop. This will install it for you.

    The next step is to connect the usb cable to the blackberry and then to the pc.

    This will make the BB ask you 2 choices, "usb drive or just charge" and you should pick "just charge".

    Then open up a termiinal screen and at the command line type "barrybackup".

    This will start some text at the command line and also open a small graphic screen, it found your "unknown device" and it wants you to give it a name.

    You should name it "Curve8530" or "Bold9000" or whatever your model is.

    Now you are almost ready to begin your first backup.

    At this point I will stop. Because before we do this, you have to make sure you understand where will the backup be (a hidden folder in your home directory). Also , there is a way to configure the barrybackup BEFORE you do a first backup, just to make sure that the calendar and the contacts and the apps will be copied. I'm not sure howto do this config myself, because my barrybackup has a very simple graphic, and the instructions on the website showed me a more complete graphic.
    I think I have an older version. I still have to learn more about this, but I'm sharing with you what I do know.

    Good luck.
    Eddie Colon


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