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Thread: Hyper V R2 and Ubuntu 10.10 Network Drops

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    Exclamation Hyper V R2 and Ubuntu 10.10 Network Drops

    Hi Everyone,

    I have Ubuntu 10.10 running in Hyper V R2 with the synthetic network drivers loaded. I followed the steps on this article to update update-initramfs -u

    I have OpenVPN setup to allow clients to access the other Hyper V guests remotely. It seems after a day or so, the networking crashes in Ubuntu 10.10. If I try to restart the network after it crashes via the "/etc/init.d/networking restart" it will not bring the adapter back up. I have tried reinstalling a clean Ubuntu 10.10 so far 3 times, and each time I would ultimately get this same issue.

    Is there something else I need to do? Not sure if there is some sort of incompatibility with routing data through the OpenVPN tun adapter and the synthetic adapter.

    I really do not want to use legacy adapters as throughput is significantly slower when routing between two adapters.

    Has anyone experienced this issue? Is there another version of Ubuntu/Linux that I should use instead?


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    Re: Hyper V R2 and Ubuntu 10.10 Network Drops

    I've got the same problem, I've also tried running 11.04 with the same issue. I'm struggling to find any info on this subject, anyone got an idea to try?

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    Exclamation Re: Hyper V R2 and Ubuntu 10.10 Network Drops

    Also confirming that this issue happens in 11.04. Seems to be specific to the synthetic NIC in Hyper-V - the legacy one might be OK. Previously, I'd gotten "around" this problem by installing WatchDog, and auto-rebooting if it couldn't ping our default gateway.. not a fix by any means.

    edit #1 - nope, happens to the legacy NIC too.
    edit #2 - Someone on the Fedora forums ( suggested getting rid of the irqbalance package. Obviously there are repercussions of this if your VM has more than one vCPU.
    sudo aptitude purge irqbalance
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