Hello everyone and thank you for allowing me/us to participate in your forum!

We've been taking a crack at UEC for the past three months or so and we have successfully been able to create two functional cloud environments (with many thanks due to you all and your informative forum posts). One had a rather simple topology using two machines (CLC+Walrus+CC+SC and NC), while the other was more complex with one machine running CLC + Walrus, four running SCs+CCs, and 8 nodes. For the networking, we've relied principally on a Managed-noVLAN setup and it seemed to have satisfied most of our requirements. Our last deployment has been running without issue for a couple of weeks now.

Lately, however, we ran into a slight issue when it came to deciphering all the potential pitfalls our last deployment. Is it true to believe that, in the any setup of UEC, if a cluster controller happens to go down, it will bring down all the VM instances running on the nodes associated with that cluster? I hope this isn't the case as we plan to and would greatly appreciate any feedback/commentary on our conjecture.

Thank you all in advance for your help! We hope to provide our insights on UEC to the community soon.

Jason (and others)