With the upcoming android tablets, especially the Asus EEE Pad Transformer which features as full keyboard, fetching one such for the high media performance compared to fanlessness and high battery run times, seems pretty inviting. Yet it totally lacks capabilities for scientific use, especially I'd miss LyX.

So I wondered if there is a possibility to virtualize Ubuntu on an Android device. There have been reports about a similiar project by VMWare[1], but it has its flaws as well.

Virtualization software as user level app
  • Doesn't mess with warranty
  • Allows switching on and off of desktop OS functions as needed, reducing battery drain when no desktop softwae is needed.
  • Graphics hardware accelerationg can be used from the native OS while working within the guest OS.
  • Doesn't require rooting (relevant for encrypted firmware and, again, warranty).

VMWare solution[1]
  • Seem's to require low level modifications, that might void warranty.
  • No "host" OS, providing probably more performance, but might void hardware optimizations of the preinstalled OS, thus requiring to be installed by the manufacturer. This doesn't seem likely to happen, unless for expensive business solutions.
  • Might not even be released to private customers.
  • No idea if it will be release at all anytime soon.

Dual Boot
  • Requires frequent rebooting, which I want to avoid.
  • Remaining issues with audio/video thus gain more weight.
  • Likely to void warranty.